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Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 days of juice... day 3: gimmie pancakes

It's late and I'm tired so we're gonna keep this short. I hate juice. Yep, hate it. Don't want it. Any more. Came to that conclusion about 4:13pm when Tiff and I were planning our great escape out of this darn ten day juice fast. Cause we figured, a five day fast has got to be almost as good as a ten day... but a three day? Now that's something to feel good about.

That's also about the time we realized American TV is fascinated with food - because every commercial (maybe not every but enough) has something to do with food! I've never seen so much food in my life...I mean really, why do you need food in a car commercial? I'm just saying... it's not necessary. It's really not. But there it was, just staring us in the face - constantly. Grilling, baking, frying, wafting right out of the television screen. Day three was not good.

Not only did I wake up with the same excruciating migraine, which required me to finally give in and take BC powder because I could no longer function, but I had to go to the Apple store which meant a nice walk thru the mall food court. Yep, right past the Chick-fil-a, that awesome-smelling pizza spot, and the frozen yogurt stand that I swear called my full government name with an English accent... it was pure torture. We must have concocted a thousand ways to fail before it even got dark outside. But despite the betrayal of our will power, we somehow managed to end the night at Harris Teeter buying another round of kale, cucumbers, lemon, and ginger. Cause it's only day three, and we're not quitters. At least not today. Can't speak for tomorrow, though...

Até amanhã...

P.S. - Tiff is down 7lbs and I'm down 6. Not bad... 

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  1. Yesterday felt like that last week of school that drags on FOREVERRRRR. I swear, it automatically became a 72 hour day instead of 24. It couldn't end fast enough. However, I didn't toss and turn through the night like I usually do....I don't know....could be the juice. Ughhhh.......JUICE o_O